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Strategy of X-Trade Brokers DM S.A. Group is based on the following areas of development:


Expanding  the  Group’s  operations  on  its  existing  markets  in  Central  and  Eastern Europe and Western Europe

A  key part of  the Group’s  strategy is to leverage its competitive strengths in its existing  markets,  i.e.  in  Central  and  Eastern  Europe  and  Western  Europe,  to increase its market share and capture growing demand for online trading services. In  Western  Europe,  where  the  Group  has  successfully  been  operating  in  Spain, Portugal,  Germany  and  France,  the  Group  also  aims  to  gain  market  share  and capture growing demand by employing a mixture of real time data-driven online marketing and investor education events, in order to target specific client profiles.


Extending  the  Group’s  international  reach  by  expanding  into  new  markets, including Turkey and Latin America

The Group’s strategy is also to avail itself of a first-mover advantage on the new markets, including Turkey and Latin America, where the Group aims to expand its operations by building local sales teams. The Management Board believes that Latin America’s importance should increase in  terms  of  trading  volume  and  revenue  share  for  the  Group  in  the  future. The  Group  also  expects  to generate higher results on derivative transactions offered to Latin American clients due to a higher level of market margins in the region.


Growth of the institutional arm of the business (X Open Hub)

The Strategy is to strengthen high quality services offer, customised and reliable trading environment for the institutional clients and larger white label brokers. The Management Board believes that the institutional part of the business (X Open Hub) shows significant growth potential and the revenue share for the Group from this business should increase and provide important and stable source of revenue for the Group.


Expanding  the  Group’s  range  of  products  and  services  and  developing  new technologies

The Group intends to continue making investments in its technology infrastructure, which the Management Board believes will increase the trading volumes and attract new clients. XTB plans to introduce financial products and services that will enable its clients to execute diversified trading strategies across various products and services from a single, integrated trading platform. The Group also plans to continue improving the internally developed xStation transaction platform by reducing the required network capacity while increasing the platform’s stability and efficiency.


Actively monitoring expansion potential via attractive acquisitions and joint ventures

Over the past years  XTB Group has gained experience in the acquisition of the foreign regulated companies operating in the financial sector. These experiences show that the Group is able to carry out acquisition processes and integrate the acquired entities with its structure. The Strategy assumes to continues to closely monitor all investment opportunities in companies providing similar products and services in the markets in which the Group operates that could complement the product and service offering of the Group.

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