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Dividend policy

The Management Board intends to recommend to the General Meeting the payment of dividend that would depend on the net profit shown in the separate annual financial statements of the Company and the financial means of the Company. The Management Board’s proposal regarding dividend payment will be subject to the need to ensure the relevant adequacy ratio of the Company, the equity necessary to ensure the Group’s development and KNF guidelines. It is the intention of the Management Board to recommend to the General Meeting in the future the adoption of resolutions regarding the payment of dividend, taking into consideration the above-mentioned factors, of between 50% and 100% of the separate net profit of the Company for a given financial year.

However, the Management Board will change the dividend policy on an as required basis, while decisions in that respect will be taken subject to various other factors regarding the Company, including the prospects of future activities, future profits, demand for cash, financial condition, capital adequacy ratios, expansion plans and any legal requirements in that respect. Each resolution on dividend payment will also be subject to consideration by the General Meeting.

However, the payment of dividend and the determination of the value of the dividend to be paid ultimately depend on the decision of the shareholders adopted at the ordinary General Meeting, and in this respect, the shareholders are not bound by any Management Board recommendation.