In October 2017, the Management Board of X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski S.A. filed a criminal complaint with the District Prosecutor‘s Office in Warsaw against a client’s unlawful threats. The client, within the last 4 years, repeatedly blackmailed the company with a threat of destroying its public image, expecting a payment of PLN 3,5, 7 and at last 14 million. In February this year, the Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw initiated proceedings in response to actions by a client, including unlawful threats against the Company’s executives and attempts to extort money. Despite the proceedings initiated, the client continues its unlawful threats against the Company by blackmailing its executives. The Company has described the incident in its 2017 annual report


The client’s claims are totally unfounded and the losses sustained by the client were solely due to the client’s bad investment decisions, as unequivocally demonstrated in the presentation during the Financial Supervision Authority’s inspection in 2016, in later documents provided to the supervisor, as well as in the expert opinion prepared by the independent consulting firm Roland Berger that analysed the client’s transactions and investment decisions. The analysis confirmed that the client’s transactions were not delayed, and the execution time of his transactions was faster than the average for other clients.


In relation to media report, the Management Board would like to point out that described by the client actions undertaken by the Company’s former employee who was dismissed on disciplinary grounds do not constitute basis for any claims by the said client. The former employee stated before the court that he had acted in an unprofessional manner and had been manipulated by the client. Earlier, the former employee stated that the client offered him money in return for cooperation to make the Company succumb to a compromise and payment of undue amount. The company denies that the client was offered any settlement offer.


XTB is supervised by the Financial Supervision Authority. Our clients’ funds are kept in segregated accounts and are covered by the compensation system of the Central Securities Depository of Poland. XTB complies with all laws and regulations that are in line with market practice and adheres to the industry’s codes of conduct. Acting in the best interest of the Company and its shareholders and guided by what is good by our clients, the Company is closely working with relevant administrative bodies in order to resolve the subject matter.


X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski S.A. Management Board