10% increase in revenues and over 50% in operating profit y/y, due to the growing volume of turnover and a record number of new accounts. The prospect of further expansion of the product base and expansion into new markets.


In 2017, XTB reported PLN 92 973 thousand of consolidated net profit, ie 19.6% increase y/y. Operating profit (EBIT) increased by 56.2% y/y to PLN 128 270 thousand. Consolidated revenues amounted to PLN 273 767 thousand, ie 9.3% increase y/y.





Increase of the Group’s revenues in 2017 by 9.3% y/y to PLN 273 767 thousand results mainly from an increase in the trading volume by 9% y/y calculated in lots with comparable profitability per lot. Looking at revenues in terms of instrument classes, it can be seen that, similarly as in 2016, CFDs based on share indices dominated. Their share in the structure of revenues on financial instruments in 2017 reached 60.7% against 46.2% a year earlier.





Geographically, XTB revenues were optimally diversified. Their growth occurred both in Central and Eastern Europe and in Western Europe. The countries from which the Group draws each time more than 15% of revenues are: Poland with a share of 28.6% (2016: 31.9%) and Spain with a share of 20.7% (2016: 18%). The share of other countries in the geographical structure of revenues does not exceed 15% in any case. In a global contribution, Latin America gains importance, gradually replacing the gap in Turkey.





The segmental diversification of revenues in XTB is becoming more and more visible due to the dynamic development of the institutional segment (X Open Hub). Since 2013, the Group provides services to institutional clients. XTB provides liquidity and technology to other financial institutions, including brokerage houses. In the discussed period, institutional activity reached PLN 41 580 thousand revenue, which gives an increase of 113% y/y.





In connection with the growing customer base, XTB has a solid foundation for growth. In the fourth quarter of 2017, the number of open new accounts was record-breaking both in relation to the previous quarters of 2017 and in 2016. The number of new open accounts in 2017 increased by 62.1% y/y. The average number of active accounts was 21,088, ie an increase of 22.3% y/y. In the subsequent quarters of 2018, the increase of accounts should be continued due to the increased marketing activity and the introduction of new products to the offer. German, French and Latin America have the largest growth potential.





In 2017, the Group recorded PLN 92 973 thousand of consolidated net profit, ie increase by 19.6% y/y. Operating profit (EBIT) increased by 56.2% y/y to reach PLN 128 270 thousand. In 2017, XTB significantly improved cost efficiency, while maintaining increases in opened new accounts and the number of active accounts. Operating expenses amounted to PLN 145 497 thousand (2016: PLN 168 461 thousand), ie a decrease by 13.6% y/y. This decline was contributed by PLN 24 497 thousand lower marketing costs resulting mainly from lower expenditures on advertising campaigns.



In the fourth quarter of 2017 operating expenses were comparable to y/y and higher q/q, mainly due to an increase in costs of  remuneration. In 2018, operating expenses should be at a comparable (slightly higher) level to that observed in 2017. Their final level will depend on the amount of remuneration and the level of marketing expenses. The Group’s results will affect the amount of remuneration. The level of marketing expenses will depend on the assessment of their impact on the Group’s results and profitability, as well as the responsiveness of customers to the actions taken.




The Group plans further development by expanding the customer base and product offer, penetrating existing markets and expanding geographically into Latin American markets. Due to the current underestimation of the Company, the Management Board withheld the work on market consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, focusing more on organic growth.




As regards administrative proceedings in the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA) and proceedings in the prosecutor’s office, the Management Board of XTB maintains its position and does not find any grounds for objections regarding the way the company operates and informing clients. The Management Board has independent expertise from leading law firms, which among other things say that the transaction systems used by XTB corresponded to market standards and met the demands of the legislator. Legal opinions indicate that the use of the mechanism of asymmetric deviation by XTB was a typical technical and contractual phenomenon that is commonly found on the market of financial instruments, used to protect the investment company, the party actually subject to the asymmetrical contract risk.

XTB’s activities are supervised by the PFSA and the clients’ funds are stored in segregated accounts and covered by the National Depository for Securities compensation system. XTB adheres to all applicable laws and supervision guidelines in line with market practice and adheres to industry codes. Acting in the interest of the company and its shareholders, as well as being guided by the good of clients, the company cooperates with representatives of administrative bodies in order to promptly clarify the matter.