On October 20, 2021, XTB joined the group of Signatories of the Diversity Charter, thus taking another step towards social cohesion and equality.

The Diversity Charter is a written commitment which is signed by organizations that oblige themselves to the introduction of equal treatment policy and diversity management, as well as active prevention of discrimination and mobbing in the workplace.

By signing the Diversity Charter, a company commits to non-discrimination in the workplace and to introducing policies that create and promote diversity. In Poland, the Charter is coordinated exclusively by Responsible Business Forum and held under the auspices of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Over 12 thousand signatories in 26 European countries so far, and over 300 signatories in Poland. The Diversity Charter is an international initiative promoted by the European Commission. Thousands of companies, organizations and institutions have signed the Charter in 26 countries of the European Union. The work on the implementation of the Charter is pending in other European countries.