XTB has just adopted a detailed ESG strategy for sustainable development, which is one of the pillars of XTB’s business strategy. Its three main areas are environment, social responsibility and corporate governance.

The ESG strategy also includes specific goals and tasks for the coming years. As a technology company XTB strives to digitize its processes as much as possible, and thus lower its carbon footprint and ultimately reach carbon neutrality. Additionally, in the area of caring for the natural environment XTB focuses on educating its employees and associates and promoting good practices.

In the area of social responsibility, the company puts the strongest emphasis on economic education. XTB wants to provide everyone interested in the functioning of financial markets with an open access to knowledge on this subject. Therefore, it is constantly expanding the free base of educational materials, where one can find numerous articles, videos and comments on market insights. XTB’s social goal is also to create a working environment that is friendly to all employees respecting their values, ensuring equal treatment and their comprehensive development.

In the third area – corporate governance – XTB wants to develop the position of one of the world’s largest Forex / CFD brokers, listed and supervised by regulatory bodies on financial markets where the company is present: FCA, BaFin, ACPR, CySEC, IFSC. The company also puts emphasis on clear and transparent communication with all its stakeholders, especially regarding long-term goals and planned activities. All initiatives in the area of social responsibility are carried out by the XTB Capital Group and the XTB Foundation, which was established in 2020.

The implementation of the adopted ESG Strategy will be monitored and reported on an ongoing basis. The implementation of the ESG Strategy and initiatives in this area is coordinated by the ESG Manager who is directly reporting to the Management Board of XTB in the structure of the organization. For the detailed information on XTB’s sustainable development strategy visit ir.xtb.com website – tab ESG.